Naked Face Balancing Primer by Holika Holika


Naked Face Balancing Primer.


  • Brightening
  • Radiating
  • Even out skin tone
  • Moisturizing

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Multi-colored balancing primer for the face. Evens out skin tone, improves skin’s texture, creates a smooth and perfect makeup base.

Due to the balance of 3 colors, the primer has a perfect undertone. Each of the colors performs its function: – green – contains green tea extract, due to which all skin imperfections are hidden; – peach – contains rosehip extract, which gives the skin a healthy glow; – purple – contains lavender extract, which improves the overall complextion.

Primer brightens, moisturizes, protects the skin from moisture loss, and prolongs the makeup.


During the first step of makeup, pump the product 1-2 times and mix well to blend all colors together. Apply evenly onto the face.

Size: 35 g.

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