It’S SKIN Cleantizer Gel – Alcohol 62%


This convenient 62%-alcohol hand cleansing gel has is enriched with aloe vera gel and Vitamin E derivatives. The moisturising agent and its 100 ml size makes it portable and comfortable to use.

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How much is an adequate level of ethanol: It is recommended that alcohol-based hand cleansing gel should contain at least 60% of alcohol, while excessively high content of alcohol can cause strong skin irritation
Aloe vera gel: help relieve alcohol-induced dryness and provides soothing effects
Vitamin E derivatives: a moisturizing ingredient featuring an outstanding moisture retention, helps prevents the evaporation of moisture on the hands, which are prone to dry due to the absence of sebaceous glands.
Drop an appropriate amount on your palm, and rub it over your hand until it dries.
For frequently touched surfaces like smartphone, doorknob, take out an adequate amount on a tissue or cotten pad, then wipe the surface

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 18 cm